Top Model Judging Criteria-web
What is the AKP People’s Choice Contest?
• The AKP People’s Choice Contest is a portion of the AKP Top Model Contest judging process.
• All seniors photographed at AKP by September 30th, 2013 are eligible to participate.
• Top 6 finalists of the AKP People’s Choice Contest are automatically considered as semifinalists in the AKP Top Model Contest.
How to win AKP People’s Choice?
• AKP will post photos on Facebook & Instagram of all contestants.
• Votes are counted by “likes” from AKP posted photos on facebook & Instagram only.
• Shares on photos & likes on those shares are not counted as votes. Votes are counted only on the photo posted by AKP.
(Applies to FB & Instagram)
• Voting end at 12:00pm on Friday October 18th, 2013.
• Winner of AKP People’s choice is announced Friday, October 18th 3:30pm (Based on FB & Instagram likes)
How to win the AKP Top Model Contest?
• Top 3 finalists are chosen by a panel of judges.
• Judges have a week to deliberate and the AKP Top Model Winner will be announced Friday, November 1st 2015